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All Fisk longbows are covered under a two-year limited warranty against defects from workmanship and materials.

Because dry-firing, as a result of breaking a nock, or improperly nocking an arrow will damage the bow, dry-fires are not covered under this warranty. In addition, over-drawing a bow to the point that a limb fails is also not covered under this warranty. These damages are obvious under close inspection of the bow. Shooting a bow with any arrow that physically weighs less than 9-grains/pound of draw-weight invites limb failure, eventually causing the bow to delaminate. As a result, this warranty does not cover replacement costs or credits toward a new bow if the bow has been shot with arrows weighing less than 9-grains/pound of draw-wight.

All bows are shipped with replacement insurance coverage. Any bow damaged by shipping must be reported immediately to both the shipper and Jim Fisk (815) 590-2965 or jim@fisklongbows.com without delay.



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