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Camo Clad

Camo Clad is an option for bows used for hunting.  Using Camo Clad along with a matte finish on the bow help conceal the bow from the game. Camo Clad is very durable, and also helps protect the bow from scratches. It is a less expensive option than snake skins.

Learn more about the Camo Clad product at their website.




Leather Treatments

Fisk Longbows
is an authorized dealer for
Montana Pitch Blend
Leather Treatments


Montana Pitch Blend leather treatments are great for keeping your snakeskins and leather grips in top condition.

This product line can be used on all leather products and is all-natural.

I use it on the grips and snakeskins as it keeps the snakeskins on the back of the bows soft and supple and looking great. It protects the leather from moisture and keeps it looking like new.



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