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for Handling and Shooting any Fisk Longbow

It is assumed by the purchaser that he/she is capable of handling the Fisk Longbow, assembling it, stringing it, and shooting it properly and safely.

Regardless of the purchase, the ability and responsibility for properly handling and stringing the bow is implied to be the responsibility of the purchaser when the bow is ordered. Fisk Longbows or Jim Fisk cannot be held responsible for any damages to either the bows, or injuries by the persons handling them. Obviously, we cannot be there to ensure that the bow we ship to clients is handled, strung and shot safely. This is a mail-order business of selling longbows. Fisk Longbows and those who represent them are held harmless for any responsibility for damage or injury while handling, stringing and shooting any bow. Included in handling the bow is assembling and stringing it. In addition, there is no "best method" for stringing any longbow. Therefore this is left up to the discretion of the client who purchases a Fisk Longbow. It is suggested that anyone wishing to purchase a Fisk Longbow be familiar with and practice safety and responsible shooting only.


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